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In return for your valuable feedback, we will grant you free access to P'interview upon its official release.
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E-giftcard gift (feedback submissions required)
Free access for Premium features (worth $$$)
You talk - We listen and build together
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AI Powered Job Interview Training App

Practice interviews with AI

We leverage TTS, STT and AI Deepfake technology, and GPT 4

Over 1300 job positions

Pinterview offers detailed information for over 1300 positions, including expected questions and their corresponding answers.

Realistic interview training experience

We leverage TTS, STT and AI Deepfake technology to replicate the feeling of interviewing with a real interviewer, who are recruiter and Hiring Managers.

Personalized Reviews Powered by GPT-4

With the use of GPT-4, we generate personalized coaching feedback based on users' resumes and the job descriptions of companies..

Experience a new realm of interview preparation

"P'interview simulates a real-life interviewing environment. Engage in a virtual dialogue with our AI interviewer, designed to mimic hiring managers and recruiters. Step into the shoes of a candidate and get a taste of the real interview experience. Prepare, practice, and perfect your responses with P'interview."

Resume/Job Scan & Analysis

Our app analyzes users' resumes and job descriptions to offer custom interview questions.
It also analyzes how well the Resume matches the job description of the company you want to apply for.

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